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Sinking of buildings can happen as a result of any change in the structure of the soil under the foundation, not satisfactory construction of the foundation, heightening of the building with additional levels/storeys, broken pipes, etc.
Sinking of the buildings can be stopped by .
For probe grouting we use perforated carbon steel pipes, for micro-piping we use connectable screwed bar anchors made of steel. The probe or the steel anchors are drilled in steep angle through the basement, and glued into the drill.
The Geopur grouting material is grouted by high pressure grouting pumps into the target location via the drilled down and glued probes or steel anchors.
If you are interested in stoppage of sinking of buildings, please ask for our professional support and contact us on any of our contact details, or fill in our form on the right side.
We look forward to receiving your enquiries in case of reinforcement of foundations, micropiling, basement stabilization, water insulation, sealing, grouting with probe, anchoring.

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